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Phoebe Kroells MSW 

Clinical Therapist

Why pay life's consequences, when I can provide the lessons learned?


I want you to feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts with me. I am not perfect and I have many lessons and have learned experiences that I would like to share. Learning to take care of you, allows you to focus on reaching your desired goals for yourself, family, work and school.

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I want to help you learn that your worth is priceless.

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Because you will see that you deserve to be happy.

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Because once you discover the value of your mental health, you will fight to for its security.

Chesapeake, VA

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60 min - Therapy Sessions | follow link for price range

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  • Free 15 min consultations

  • Virtual and in-person appointments

  • Services are only available to residents of VA

  • For coaching and/or for residents out-of-state, please follow this link


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Phoebe Kroells (MSW) -

Clinical Therapist

Once you discover the weapon against you, then you can learn to use it to strengthen you. I can help you by offering coping skills that will help you grow mentally and gain peace of mind. I understand that when dealing with your life struggles, it can make it difficult to cope with your daily problems.

“Healing is weird. Some days your okay and your doing just fine, other days it still hurts like it just happened. It is a process with no definitive time frame to completely heal. You just have to keep going and know that when all is said and done, you are are going to be okay” (Unknown Author).

I would like to help you be okay, so that you can ultimately become better than okay.

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Can you be saved and see a therapist?

Yes, just like Tylenol, I was created to help you heal.

Were you in the military?

Yes so it gives me the perspective to understand both military and civilian struggles